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Our mission is to empower and connect those with scoliosis, teach research skills, and pursue projects that both help develop the education of those working on them while improving equality of spine care globally. COVID-19 is reminding us how important science is in our lives, and we hope initiatives like this continue to prepare us worldwide for the next challenges that could affect our health.

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Inégal x Scoliosis Awareness

Inégal wants to empower everyone doing the work to overcome limitations. All of our unique journeys consist of twists and turns both physically and spiritually. This exclusive art by Lindsay Adams, titled “Uniquely Uneven: Beauty In Differences” symbolizes how beauty isn’t defined by a standard concept. It’s in the unusual shapes - a defiant display of curved lines and imbalances, imperfect in its nature. It’s in the unknown struggles longing to be seen, like flowers blooming through cracks in the pavement. By wearing this print I honor resilience and personal growth while spreading awareness for everyone affected by scoliosis. 

With love, Martha


Evening Standard Insider, Martha Hunt: 'Scoliosis is the driving force of my modeling career' After undergoing a spinal fusion surgery to correct her scoliosis as a teen, Victoria's Secret model Martha Hunt has built a brand that gives back.

Evening Standard


InSTYLE Magazine April 2021

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100% of profits go to Scoliosis Research. If you purchase a sweatshirt you will receive updates about what your contribution funded.