Meet our featured Artist

Artist, Lindsay Adams, a DMV native, uses her corporate career and world studies to communicate different interpretations of art forms through painting and drawing.  She began drawing and painting at an early age. While attending a youth summer camp at Corcoran College of Art & Design, she began tightening her skills and devoted more time to her art. In high school, she received diligent instruction and guidance and took Drawing and Painting as a major course. Along with her artistic fervor, Lindsay is also passionate about diversity and inclusion awareness, foreign language, and fashion. After participating in Model United Nations for two years, she decided that in college, she would study Foreign Relations. Lindsay majored in International Studies, with a concentration in World Politics and Diplomacy, and Spanish and minored in Studio Art at the University of Richmond. Her love of culture, travel, and background in Foreign Affairs, helps shape her unique interpretations in her art form. We are never just one thing, and the sum of our experiences shape our framework, similar to the strokes of her brush. During the day she is a management consultant for a top consulting firm, where she is a Marketing Strategist, specializing in brand and communications strategy. With a knack for storytelling, She is passionate about using words and art to capture the essence of identity and sharing experiences with others. She is passionate about diversity and inclusion, art, and education. She lives by self-care, long baths, lit candles, and journaling. Her passion for art as a personal form of expression began at a young age. She has been living with and overcoming Cerebral Palsy since birth, and art has always been her serene outlet to find peace in what can often be chaos. Her life mantra which is also permanently tattooed on her side is Protect Your Peace. As the hands behind #ipaintinheels, (fashion lover) she continues to spread love through painting and storytelling.

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